These sustainable solutions also give you tax deductibility!

We have specific field projects that qualify for tax deductible giving. These projects all provide ongoing sustainable solutions to long term problems.

Our current projects are Residential Schools, Wells, Safe Homes for Street Children, Schools and Community Public Toilets.

For more information please phone the office on 03 9723 9989 or use the Contact menu.

NB: Empart Inc is not registered for DGR status so we partner with Empower Australia Overseas Aid Fund Inc. to offer you tax deductibility for these field projects. When you select a “Donate” button below you will be transferred to the Empower website to donate and to receive a tax deductible receipt.

Residential Schools

A quality Residential School provides BOTH holistic care and quality education for vulnerable children. Safe student hostels (anti-trafficking) are a critical dimension of this overall strategy. Fee paying students are included, ensuring the project is self-sustaining into the future. A network of Empart Field Workers where each Residential School is located assures accountability for the delivery of quality care as well as the ongoing operation and maintenance of the facility. When an Empart school opened in one region it was warmly welcomed by the local community and places filled quickly. Poor and vulnerable students now need safe on-site accommodation.

You can be part of constructing and furnishing the first floor of the building and the student hostel. The remaining cost of the project is $260,000. Every donation large or small will help!

Deep Core Bore Wells

_200px-square_wellsEmpart initially dug 55 Deep Core Bore Wells in one nation in South Asia. 13,758 people in 165 villages daily benefited from this initiative. An ongoing water crisis and severe drought has resulted in a shortage of water across South Asia. The need for safe water became urgent and we decided to install another 250 wells. The project commenced in summer – the ideal time to dig wells as the water table is at its lowest. We drill down deep into the aquifer which prevents the well drying out and gives a constant supply of safe water.

Of the 250, only 13 wells remain to be drilled! One well costs $2,925. You can help to provide safe water.

New stage released! With the success of the wells in communities we’ve decided to drill another 125! How will you help?

Safe Homes for Street Children

_200px-square_safehouseThe first Safe Home for Street Children was initiated for the protection of vulnerable girls who had been exposed to various kinds of exploitation. Currently there are 25 girls living at the Home. They are safe and secure, well cared for and given quality education. The Safe Home’s functions are closely monitored by the Child Welfare Committee, a government administrative body, to ensure child safety. They have acclaimed the Girls Safe Home as one of the best that they supervise.

A second Safe Home for Street Children has opened. This is now home to 28 boys who previously called the streets their home.

You can support the operation of a Safe House.


_200px-square_schoolOur presence in the community through schools is bringing a change in the mindset of parents regarding education. Most villagers don’t place any importance on education. They stop at 2nd or 3rd Grade and are drawn to agriculture or other trades to make money to support their families.

Empart has started 12 Schools teaching 4734 students. They are equipped with libraries, safe drinking water and toilet facilities. Life in the villages is improving with the establishment of schools.

You can contribute to the running of a School.

Community Public Toilets

_200px-square_toiletsEmpart has been impacting communities through health and sanitation programs. In one of our countries, the new momentum created by the government’s “Cleanliness Mission” has created a unique opportunity to provide safe and hygienic sanitation to villages. Empart has been invited to build 1000 public community toilets. Toilets built in schools are also receiving a tremendous response. The children are encouraged to teach their parents what they have learned. This is a huge community change. The introduction of toilets in one School is now enthusiastically embraced by staff and students. The school is situated in a remote place and all the students come from villages where they use the open fields for defecation. Students were reluctant at first to learn to use the toilets. Now they have wide acceptance and are changing the culture of the school.

You can bring sanitation to a community and help eradicate disease. One toilet costs $1815.

NB: While Empart is unable to give tax deductibility, we partner with Empower Australia Overseas Aid Fund Inc. to provide tax deductible giving opportunities within our network.