Biblical foundation

Empart seeks to follow the principles, teachings and values of the Bible. Empart’s priority is to make disciples of those who have never heard the good news of the gospel, which we see as the primary mission given to us in scripture.

Empowering others

By choosing to equip rather than control, Empart encourages local leaders and partners to become both accountable and increasingly independent. This culture is something which spreads naturally as the movement continues to grow.



Effective partnership

Empart offers an effective and economically sound opportunity to partner with indigenous workers in Asia and be an effective part of their pioneering work.

Apostolic oversight

Empart believes that, just like in the book of Acts, God still raises up people today who exercise apostolic ministry. This kind of leadership is essential for movements to both develop and continue moving forward in the purposes of God.

Discipling focus

Developing and mentoring leaders is the core activity required for communities to be transformed. Because of this, we require our field workers to spend one year alongside their peers and trainers in a Transformation Centre prior to beginning their work.

Rapid multiplication

The rapid growth of Empart’s communities is due to the fact that every believer is encouraged to share with another, every leader is enlisted to train other leaders, and every community seeks to establish new communities.



Indigenous leadership

Projects in the field are fully managed by indigenous leaders. The infrastructure is owned locally and investments are made towards self sustainability. This releases workers to focus their efforts on supporting pioneering activities.

Community hubs

All of Empart’s social activities are facilitated through the local community. It is local leaders who are best placed to identify needs and local believers who provide the workforce required to deliver services to the local community.


Empart provides a modest level of support to field workers who are still encouraged to believe that God will take care of their needs. This support is provided for an average period of seven years with the amount decreasing gradually over time.

Culturally relevant

By working with local people, who earn local wages and speak local languages, Empart is able to communicate the message in a culturally appropriate manner. Through discipleship we can do this without compromising our content.



Movement mind-set

Empart does not relocate members of existing communities in order to start new ones. We encourage independent and autonomous projects in new communities. Movement is created by training and sending field workers.

Cooperative approach

Empart’s desire is to cooperate rather than compete. We will work with every person and organisation that shares the same aspirations and values as us. It is this sense of freedom and partnership which makes the movement strong.