non-profit organisation

Empart is a non-profit charitable organisation that is committed to maintaining a high level of accountability and transparency.


Empart is a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) and is committed to the standards of governance and reporting that are required under the ACNC regulations. The ACNC is the independent national regulator of charities. As a large Charity, Empart must report and supply full financials to ACNC annually. Our financial records are audited by a qualified and experienced external independent auditor.

state fundraising registrations

Empart is a registered charity for the purpose of holding a fundraising licence in the following Australian States:

QLD  Registered Charity No. CH3018
NSW  Charitable Fundraising Registration No. CFN/20268
VIC   Fundraising Registration No. 14482
TAS  Approval to Solicit for Charitable Donations

ACT  Charitable organisations registered with the ACNC are no longer required to hold a charitable collections licence in the ACT.
NT   There is no state based fundraising legislation in place.
SA   Empart is exempt from holding a fundraising licence due to Empart’s category of charitable purposes.

external accountability

Empart is a member of Missions Interlink and adheres to the MI Standards Statement.




Excellence in Giving (EIG) is a full-service philanthropic advisory firm designed to increase the joy of the high-capacity donor through a personalized process of discovery, evaluation, participation, and celebration. EIG undertook a comprehensive assessment of Empart’s governance, strategy, finances, impact and communication and technology. This included on-site visits to our ministry in the field.

“Empart has a clear strategy and a history of meeting ministry goals. Founder Jossy Chacko has structured the organization to maintain accountability at the local level without creating a hierarchical institution. (Field) workers receive enough support to survive but not too much to create long-term dependency on a pay cheque.

The sweat equity of men and women in training who work the fields and cook for themselves at TCs demonstrates their commitment to the cause. The same practice of living by faith and working for needed income by (all workers) reveals the character and commitment of Empart’s workforce.

Empart has continued to adjust its organizational structure and invest in technological infrastructure to keep pace with rapid growth in (the field). Empart Australia has been able to transfer decision-making responsibilities to (field) leadership. (Field) leadership has been able to shift the composition of its leaders from South to North (workers). A strong and active (Field) Board with increasing levels of field leadership show progress toward long-term indigenous leadership of a locally owned (community development) movement.”

ABN: 75118565337

ARBN: 621 279 329

Incorporated Associations Registration Number: A0034935L

On request, Empart will gladly send you the latest Partnership Impact Report, free of charge.

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