abolishing spiritual poverty

abolishing spiritual poverty

All of our activities focus on abolishing spiritual poverty

Empart trains, equips and resources local indigenous men and women to reach out to their communities.

Our workers aid, educate, mentor, make disciples, encourage and show villagers what it means to live in the light of eternity.

``How can we best serve you?``

Empart’s goal is to educate and equip 35,000 leaders to serve in 100,000 communities by 2030.

To do this 100 training facilities need to be established in South Asia. These facilities are called Skills Training Centres.

Skills Training Centres

Each Skills Training Centre has accommodation for up to 25 men or women and is located in the field, preferably on land owned by Empart. This enables the training to be more focused, helps minimise external disruptions and gives protection for leaders and students.

You can get involved in purchasing land, setting up the facilities or in the ongoing operation of a Centre. Why?

Because that is the most effective way for you to help abolish spiritual poverty.

Equipping Leaders

Students spend one year living in and learning at a Skills Training Centre. They receive intensive teaching and share daily in their leader’s personal life, family and work. This method of training is highly effective in the spiritual, practical and emotional development of students.

Some students do not know how to read or write when they begin at the Centre. They often come from different castes and language groups. However, the daily routine and discipline helps them to overcome their differences. They are so proud to be able to read well by the end of their course.

In addition to spiritual teaching, students also gain experience in talking with people, public speaking, playing music and praying for the sick. Practical skills like sewing, hair cutting and candle making are also taught so that workers can respond to the needs of people they meet.

After graduating, students are encouraged to decide where they will begin their work. Often they’ll return to their own village despite knowing that they may be ridiculed and ostracised.

Through prayer and determination, within the first 6 months, most workers will establish their own community. In the first five years most workers will form 3-5 new communities and impact hundreds of lives.



The workers need your help. You can give a gift now or support them on a regular basis.

$125 each

for a worker

$150 per month

Full support of a worker
(Part $50 or $100/mnth)


Give an amount of your choosing, and we will sent it where needed


Equip a worker
with essential tools


Set up a new
Skills Training Centre