Kerala flood relief

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Kerala flood relief



We want to say a huge thank you for your amazing generosity in giving towards the Kerala Flood Relief.

We called for help, and you responded, giving $51,353! This has allowed us to demonstrate the love of God in a very tangible, practical and needed way to families and communities suffering from the devastating floods. Know that your support has brought unspeakable hope to many.

Because of your support, Empart has been able to;

  • Open two relief camps
  • Be directly involved in the rescue efforts
  • Deploy cleaning teams to help clean flooded houses
  • Distribute kitchen utensils, clothing, food, furniture and school stationary kits
  • Work alongside the Kerala Government and other non-profit agencies in the ongoing relief and rebuilding efforts

The Kerala Floods were the worst the region has faced in over a century. Tragically, hundreds lost their lives and over a million were displaced. Homes, businesses and infrastructure were damaged or destroyed. Families lost their life savings, belongings and everything they had worked for. This tragedy will likely take years to fully recover from.

While many of Empart’s staff and senior leaders have been directly impacted by the floods, losing family members, homes and belongings, they are doing everything they can to help others. What a privilege it is to partner with such dedicated, compassionate and courageous people!

As the relief effort moves into its next stages, please continue standing with us. We are going to be focusing on rebuilding homes and providing the help needed in the long term.

“This will be a long journey to rehabilitate and re-establish, and we ask you to continue to stand with us. Continue to pray, and provide the help you can, so we can see these lives thrive and grow. One day they will look back on these floods and see how God brought good from it.” – Jossy Chacko, Empart Founder


Video update from Jossy Chacko, Founder

The state of Kerala is facing the worst floods in over a century.

BBC, 23 August 2018 –

“Nearly 400 people have died and thousands remained stranded by the worst flooding in the Indian state of Kerala in a century.

More than one million people have been displaced, many of them taking shelter in thousands of relief camps across the state.”


There has been so much rain that the infrastructure can’t cope. Roads are submerged, homes and businesses are swamped, electricity supplies have been turned off and 35 of 39 dams had to be opened up, releasing 3 million litres of water a second! Airports are closed and drinking water has been contaminated.

Nearly 60% of the state has been declared a red zone, which means it’s too dangerous to stay, so tourists have been evacuated by the military.


The video below gives you a glimpse of the level of devastation:

“Some of our staff are stuck at home. The roads have 4-12 feet of water! No power! No internet. Not sure how long food will last! Anxious! Two of our teams cars are water damaged and one involved in accident. Please pray for safety!”

Empart Team Member


16 August

Reports today state that as many as 10,981 people have been shifted to 111 relief camps. The army is being deployed but they need outside help.

The Kerala Government has asked that all charities respond. Empart has an office in the area with 53 staff who are ready to serve. They simply need the resources to respond.

Would you support the Kerala Flood Relief fund Empart has set up to respond to this crisis? The most immediate need is for clean water, food and clothing. Our team will be working directly with the government and other nonprofit agencies on the ground to get the resources to those in need as quickly as possible.

Please consider helping those in South Asia who so desperately need an outstretched hand in their time of need.


How you can help

The Empart team is ready to offer aid. Right now we have an incredible opportunity to be an additional blessing in this state.

You can pray:

For safety.

For aid to reach the most desperate and needy.

For opportunities to share.

For our staff in Kerala as they work tirelessly to help the flood victims.

For those who lost everything – their homes and its entire contents.

For protection from the spread of infections from waterborne illnesses and mosquito infestation.

That people would be able to get food, water and medicine.


You can give:

securely online now
call 03 9723 9989
via direct debit (details below)

You can advocate:

Tell your friends and family about this need and encourage them to help too.

All donations are tax-deductible


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