In some areas of Asia, even after completing four years of school, 90% of children from poorer households remain illiterate.


Through partnership, Empart has built 15 schools since 2009 to alleviate the issue of wasted education.

Empart schools provide quality education for 5,500 children and are properly maintained and equipped with improved sanitation and clean water.

Each school starts small – small buildings and small numbers of students. Each year a new intake of students begins. As student numbers grow additional classrooms need to be added to extend and increase the school’s capacity.

$35 provides ONE student with ONE extra year of schooling through the building of additional classrooms and facilities in Empart schools.


Aditi is eight years old and is flourishing because she attends an Empart School, but this wasn’t always the situation.


When she was just six, Aditi had to walk for over an hour each way, to and from her school in the next village, with a heavy school bag on her little shoulders – that’s 12kms walking with a heavy bag each day!

Aditi carried this entire burden on her own – “My bag was too heavy and I didn’t want to let my father see that my back was hurting. But I couldn’t hide the pain any longer.”

Her father worked as a labourer and struggled to afford the school fees, let alone the bus fare that could change her situation so drastically.

Like so many children in Asia, Aditi wanted to study and so convinced her father she would manage the walk.

Eventually though, the continued carrying of her heavy bag took its toll. Her back was so bad it became impossible for Aditi to get out of bed and go to school. After several months of missed classes the school management sent a letter stating that if Aditi continued to miss school, she would be dismissed.

Stress within the household increased significantly. Aditi continually worried about her studies and could see her dreams for the future slipping away. She regularly pleaded with her father to send her to another school. Her father was desperate to provide her with the best education, but didn’t know how.

Then one day Aditi heard about a new school that had opened in their village. She gathered all her courage and asked her father to take her to that school – an Empart school.

Upon visiting the school, and seeing all the classes and facilities the school had, both Aditi and her father were relieved and excited. She was enrolled that day and began attending her new school.

Aditi was not at all good in her studies, but after coming here, she started to study well. Now she is the Topper in her class,” says Joshi*, Empart Model School Teacher.

Aditi’s father says, “I am very thankful to Empart for running such a good school in our village. I am privileged that my daughter has the opportunity to study there. Now she can gain good knowledge and she has started to improve in her health. Thank you for your initiative.”

“I am very happy to study in the Empart School. The teachers are very nice and helpful towards the kids. I enjoy coming to School and have learnt a lot of new things,” says Aditi.

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Taresh’s future has also been changed through Empart.

Taresh* is from a remote village. His father works in the fields and his mother is a housewife and they are very poor.

“I wanted my son to study in a good English Medium School so that he may have a different future to me. However, in our village I was not able to find a good school and I couldn’t afford to send him to one further away. Then I discovered an Empart School with a Residential Hostel, tells Taresh’s father.

“Our family is blessed to have a son who is supported by Empart. We could not afford to send him to this excellent school without you!”

“When Taresh came, he was only able to speak his native language and struggled with his studies. However, with the support and help of the hostel staff and the teachers in the school, he was able to overcome all his struggles. Now he is also able to speak in English and is doing well in his studies. Taresh is a multi-talented boy who loves to play soccer, draw and paint,” reports the school principal.

A confident Taresh says, “I am so happy to be at the Residential Hostel. Now I do not feel like I am away from home. I have friends and a very good education at the school. I work hard at my studies and I can develop in all the areas of my life. Thank you for helping me!”

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“Empart does not operate schools for our own sake. Education is an opportunity that emanates from our existing work and provides an entry point into new communities – lives are truly transformed through our schools.”

Jossy Chacko, Empart Founder