relief for flood victims

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relief for flood victims


Floods are once again affecting some parts of our main field country in South Asia. Ongoing heavy monsoonal rain is affecting many villages. They have been inundated by flood water. Crops have been washed away, homes destroyed and thousands of people have been displaced. Disease and lack of resources are causing suffering and sickness in several parts of the nation.

Two million people in the north east of the country are reported to have been affected and 100 are dead, while in the west, 218 people have died. Rainfall is well above the average and more heavy rain is forecast.

Farming communities have been heavily affected. Crops of cotton, groundnuts and vegetables have all been destroyed. People have lost their homes and their livelihoods. Railway lines and roads have been washed away. It’s estimated that the damage to public property will be more than $60 million.

Young children and their families are trapped with no food, water or electricity. In one area 11,000 people are waiting for food packages at flood relief centres. Countless others have been forced into makeshift shelters or refugee camps.

Water sources have been contaminated, toilets damaged and now floodwater is starting to stagnate. Communities are susceptible to water-borne and mosquito-borne diseases, such as malaria, diarrhoea and Japanese encephalitis.

There are some areas where people will wait indefinitely for help. The government, army and volunteers are doing what they can but the need is enormous.

“It’s important to reach out NOW with immediate relief work. We don’t want to lose more lives. Empart has relief packs that contain materials required to survive 2-3 weeks, as well as warm clothes and school supplies for the children (as they have lost everything). These packs will help to ease people’s pain as they try to resettle after the flood recedes.”

Empart Field Leader

How you can help

The Empart team is ready to distribute relief packets to the flood victims in one of the worst hit regions. Right now we have an incredible opportunity to be an additional blessing in this state.

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For safety
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Tell your friends and family about this need and encourage them to help too.

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